The Thomas Health/Thomas Health Foundation Nursing Scholarship Program is designed to help increase the number of practicing bedside nurses at Thomas Health by providing scholarships to up to 10 students annually who are in entry-level collegiate nursing programs. The program is funded by Thomas Health and Thomas Health Foundation. Students may request up to $5,000 per semester. The Thomas Health/Thomas Health Foundation Nursing Scholarship requires that recipients enter into an Employment Service Agreement with Thomas Health agreeing to work 1 month for each $500 awarded.

Complete this application and return it with all required documentation to

Download Application.

All portfolio documents must be completed and returned, per application instructions before the spring and fall deadlines.

Scholarship applications are due May 31 for the fall semester and October 31 for the spring semester.

If your application is rejected, you can apply for the next semester. Your application might have been rejected due to your portfolio being incomplete, or you might be ineligible to apply. See the “Criteria for Consideration” section of the application.

Current full-time or part-time employees of Thomas Health are not eligible to apply, but may request tuition reimbursement for up to $3,000 per semester via the Employee Continuing Education Reimbursement program. Temporary or per diem employees of Thomas Health may apply.