The Employee Education Programs are reimbursement programs funded by the Thomas Health Foundation to further the continuing education of Thomas Health employees. These programs provide Thomas Health’s dedicated staff with an opportunity to advance their knowledge and provide excellent patient care.

The programs consist of a reimbursement process for Thomas Health employees and a separate process for family members of Thomas Health employees, as long as eligibility criteria is met. Please note these programs are reimbursement-based only and not a scholarship; funds can only be dispersed after the completion of the semester.

To apply, first make sure eligibility criteria is met. For the Thomas Health employee reimbursement process, it’s important to note that the hospital’s Education Department reimbursement must have already been exhausted before requesting additional support from the Foundation. To learn more about the Education Department reimbursement, please contact Benjamin.Priddy@ThomasHealth.org.

Then, download the application form from our website and submit it back to the Foundation.

All applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Appropriations Committee. The Committee meets throughout the year and reviews applications. If your application is approved by the Committee, a reimbursement check will be mailed to the address submitted on your application.

Thomas Health Employee Education Programs accept applications on a rolling basis year-round.

Thomas Health employees can apply for educational assistance once a year, based on the calendar year.

We highly encourage everyone who is eligible for the programs to apply. Even though the applications will be voted on by an Appropriations Committee, the main reason for rejection is failure to meet the eligibility requirements, specifically years of service and full-time employment status. Please review the requirements carefully before applying.

The Education Department at Thomas Health provides up to $1,500 annually for students who are eligible. In order to apply for the Foundation’s separate scholarship programs, employees need to have already received an educational department scholarship or exhausted those funds before requesting more aid from the Foundation. To reach the Education Department, please call 304-766-3790.

If all requirements are met, your application will be reviewed by the Appropriations Committee. The Committee will approve and review applications as soon as they can. Educational reimbursements are rolling, so there is no deadline. If you would like to check the status of your specific application, please email foundation@thomashealth.org.

If all requirements are met and the Appropriations Committee approves your application, a check request will be sent to the Accounting department. The Accounting department will cut your check, and then the Foundation will mail it to you at the address you provided on the application.

Yes. Certain requirements have to be met for both the employee and the family member to be eligible for our educational reimbursements. Please note, these are reimbursement-only scholarships. They are awarded at the conclusion of a course or semester. You will need to provide a transcript of grades and receipts of purchase that you are asking to be reimbursed for.

To be eligible for a Foundation scholarship, you must have exhaust all scholarship funding from the Thomas Health Education Department’s scholarship first. If you still have expenses remaining, you may apply for the Foundation’s scholarship on top of the Education Department scholarship.

Download the Employee Educational Grant Application