No two cancer patients are alike and neither is their journey. Our Tribute Wall is a virtual place of remembering and honoring the lives of those we love, who have been impacted by cancer.

When you purchase a virtual plaque, you are creating a lasting tribute to your loved one who courageously fought cancer and to those who continue the battle.

Each plaque purchased helps the Foundation continue our mission of providing compassionate and exceptional healthcare,
including through our Thomas Health Cancer Center Healing Garden.

Click here to purchase your virtual plaque

Tribute Level 1

Purchase Your Virtual Plaque | $500 Donations & Above

Tribute Level 2

Purchase Your Virtual Plaque | $499 – $200 Donations

Tribute Level 3

John Brown

Michael Larson

Karen Holstein

Alex Marie Roberts


Josh Hendricks

Taylor Rains

Lindsey Ballard

Sarah Reed

Jason Hager

Sue Skeens

Tammy Weaver

Purchase Your Virtual Plaque | $199 Donations & Below ($25 Minimum)

Donation ranges for each tier are as follows: Tier 1 $500 and above, Tier 2 $499 – $200, and Tier 3 $199 and below. The minimum donation amount is $25.